New FOM project: measuring flows at a large scale

30. November 2015, 00:00 Uhr
Physics with Industry 2014
Physics with Industry 2014
In a new FOM valorisation project 'Industry-friendly optical flow measurements' researchers from Delft University of Technology and Deltares will work together on making a technique to measure flows suitable for large-scale applications. The project, which emerged from the Physics with Industry workshop 2014, will begin at the start of 2016 with Delft University of Technology researcher Christian Poelma as project leader.

In laboratories, 'particle image velocimetry' has in recent decades developed to become the standard technique for making highly detailed measurements of flows. For this method researchers make use of cameras to record the movements of countless small particles that are transported by a liquid. This enables them to describe the total flow. These laboratory measurements typically cover a few square centimetres. The big question was whether this measurement technique can also be applied at a larger scale. 

During the workshop Physics with Industry in 2014 a group of FOM PhD researchers considered the possibilities of scaling up the measurement technique, specifically for the large basins of Deltares. For these applications, measurement areas of decimetres to metres are needed so that Deltares researchers can study flows like the influx for pumps at actual scale. During the workshop a number of practical ideas emerged that make the translation to this large scale possible, such as the use of powerful LED lighting instead of the usual lasers, and the use of air bubbles to render the flow patterns visible. The FOM valorisation project, 'Industry-friendly optical flow measurements', which has now been awarded funding, will test these ideas. With this, the project will deliver a proof-of-principle for large-scale flow measurements at Deltares or for other large-scale applications.

Contact information
Christian Poelma (Delft University of Technology), +31 15 278 2620
Gosse Oldenziel (Deltares)

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