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ZOLTAN MIKLOS vor 12 Stunden
Hi Anders, I have searched the internet for two days for the Murata CSB517 resonator, but I can't find a source. Nothing at Mouser, Digikey, Farnell, RS, etc. Can you tell me where did you get it? Thanks, HA5OZ
Navtex receiver
vasy vasy
vasy vasy vor 15 Stunden
thank you...
OBD2 for Arduino
rjv vor 16 Stunden
trying to get hold of a decent battery seems to be a problem. it should be light and capable of delivering 100 amps at 48 volts. i am thinking lithiu-ion or lipo,s, but this is rather expensive.  Idea,s and suggestions anyone?
race go-kart conversion to electric
rjv vor 16 Stunden
trying to rewrite software so it can be used also as a clock
Clock / scoreboard / timer with LEDitron modules (180533 / 160205)
Hanspeter Schären
Hanspeter Schären vor 18 Stunden
Good morningthere probably is a fault:The current requirement of the circuit at (+ 5V) is far too high (> 28mA), because the voltage reference (IC3 = LT1021) with max. 10mA may be charged!The datasheet of the LTS 25-NP :-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------      IC Current consumption @ VC = 5 V -> Typ.: (28 + IS2) + (VOUT / RL) mA-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------So sure  > 28mAThe data sheet of the voltage reference:-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------The LT®1021 is a precision reference with ultralow driftand noise, extremely good long term stability and almosttotal immunity to input voltage variations. The referenceoutput wants both source and sink up to 10mA.-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------What do you think?
Potential-free current measurement for oscilloscopes [150170]