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RobvL vor 13 Stunden
I am trying to use a DS1307 Real Time clock, using the DS1307RTC library. As is, the examples don't work. Adding Wire0.begin() to setup() makes it work on SCL0/SDA0. But changing that to Wire1.begin() has no effect. How can I use SCL1/SDA1 when the Wire library is only called from within another library? Rob van Lopik  
Elektor Uno R4 [150790]
ClemensValens vor 13 Stunden
You're right, being that it is 2017, why don't you get yourself a Bluetooth Audio Receiver for less than $10? Available all over the Internet.
Preamplifier 2012 (1) - introduction and line-in/tone/volume board (110650)
Calpe vor 1 Tag
Is there a possibilty, being that is 2017?
Preamplifier 2012 (1) - introduction and line-in/tone/volume board (110650)
Gizmo vor 1 Tag
First off, Great project!!  I built one the same day you posted the code and now have 4 in operation with many added features and even westminster chimes as well as drivers for using RGB LED strings instead of the RGB digits.  I have found that the ESP reboots all the time and in the beginning it did loose connection, I had to write some code to "retry" the connection on a failure, after that it has worked pretty well.  Power problems is the number one cause of the reboots but there is some kind of memory overflow or stack problem as well.  J
RGBdigit clock [160100]
petrus bitbyter
petrus bitbyter vor 2 Tagen
Een demo-opstelling You Tube: Te zijner tijd komt er hopelijk nog een demo van de modelbaan. De opbouw daarvan gaat nogal traag (ok erg traag) in verband met de gezondheid van de bouwer/eigenaar. petrus bitbyter
Stoplichtautomaat voor de modelbaan.