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Steven N Colthorpe
Steven N Colthorpe vor 1 Tag
Hi,  I am no expert ( like nothing!!) on these devices, but I suggest anyone starting something should look at There is a lot of information buried in here.  To meet the spec of what the UK gov are asking  is beyond any individual, but I would really like to explorer the Ventilator-ish Device mentioned near the bottom. My idea would be to bolt a fan on the front of a 3d printed mask, and to have an arduino with Hbridge to push air in for a few seconds, pause then suck out. READ TEXT CAREFULLY. You can do severe harm with too much pressure or volume.  I would really love to get some medically trained persons opinion on this idea. It is extremely simple to make compared to 'bag' solutions could be produced in a lot of makers sheds from scrap bin, until a manufacturer could set up proper production. This is a very similar approach to welding respirators. Steve  
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780gordond vor 1 Tag
I can't think of any voltage or resistance test that would help with your LCD  problem. It seems pretty clear now that your LCD is different from mine. If you have a data sheet for the LCD you have you may have to dig into it. Otherwise you might have to search the net for example code. Alternately you may want to buy an LCD from Adafruit. I don't think I can offer anything else that would help.
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Ioannis D. Kyriakidis
Ioannis D. Kyriakidis vor 1 Tag
Well, a breathing device should have at least these: 1. HEPA filters in inlet and of course outlet (as the patient may have an infection we do not want to spread in the air) 2. Valves to control the inlet and outlet 3. An air compressor of some kind 4. Tank with compressed air as a reservoire.  5. Not absolutely necessary but helpful, also Oxygen addition to the fresh air inlet 6. A controller to control all of the above 7. Low power if possible so it can work on batteries for some time in case of power loss. I am willing to help in areas I know as an electronics engineer. But the project needs parts like flexible tubes, face masks and valves that I am not very much familiar with or can easily/cost bearable, source. Ioannis
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ElektorLabs vor 1 Tag
Thanks for your participation. For the moment the fish-tank-pump-based breathing device is just an idea. As I have no knowledge about breathing devices, I don't know if it will work. Is a controller needed? Why? Can't it just continuously pump? The flow is pretty low. But, like I said, I have no idea for the requirements of a breathing device.
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Tom Mulders
Tom Mulders vor 2 Tagen
Dear all, How far is the project with the fish-tank-based breathing device? I am thinking of developing a similar device Arduino programmed with a Mass Flow Controller.  I am working normally with Plasma Processing Equipment and vacuum tools (not vacuum cleaners...) I believe this project could be rather urgent in light of the current Corona virus and shortage of breathing equipment. I know there are many MFC's laying around in semiconductor industry in storage and I don't think there is any shortage of Arduino micro-controllers... Please don't use this project to obtain MFC's for free and sell them on eBay. For these criminal immoral people I do have a "wish".... not hard to guess, I think... Best regards, Ton Mulders  PS An MFC has a typical flow which can be re-calibrated. The control is normally 0V for 0% of the maximum flow and 5V for the maximum flow. Besides it needs +15V, -15V and 0V.
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