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Erik vor 18 Stunden
Thanks Nick for your input. I've done my best to rule out mistakes on my part. I have double and triple checked placement of all parts. My solder joints are good. I set up a piezo speaker and a signal generator to produce an ultrasonic audio signal and then I traced the signal through every part of the circuit with an oscilloscope. Everything seems to be functioning as designed from front end to back end. But the sensitivity is miserable. I have two other bat detector kits that I've built that perform far better then this kit. When I set them up at dusk, the sky is just chattering with bat noises near and far and I have to turn down the volume just to keep my ears from hurting when a bat flys overhead. But with this kit, occasionaly I'll get some scratchy sounds with a close flyby. I guess it's just a bad design. What a dissapointement. Money wasted. 
Bat detector with amplitude recovery
NickT vor 2 Tagen
I've built two of the kits - they're both deaf by comparison with my old magenta kit ... I built 2 because the first kit was incomplete and I left it - bought another and got it going, then built a second to see if it was any better - it wasn't. Nick
Bat detector with amplitude recovery
Erik vor 2 Tagen
I have completed the kit. Everything seems to be functioning. I am able to get a signal and speaker output from the local bat population but the sensitivity is just horrible. Only the closest bats are picked up and the sound is scratchy and poor. Measured voltages are correct. I've tried adjusting the sensitivity and hysteresis to optimal settings. I've tried the various DIP switch options. And yet the performance is just abysmal! I thought that this kit with its sensitive mems microphone and unique method of detection would be an vast improvement over my other unit which uses a simple electret micophone and scanning heterodyne detection. But it turns out that my old detector performs very much better and with greater sensitivty and resolution than this kit does. I'm going to start trouble shooting by following the signal with an oscilloscope as it goes through the unit but I don't know if I'll be able to determine the reason for such poor performance. Is it possible that the Mems microphone is damaged or in some way defective? Did I damage the SMD while soldering it to the board? All of the component seem properly placed. I'm very dissapointed with how this has all worked out. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
Bat detector with amplitude recovery
F1Andy vor 4 Tagen
Here is the update with some documents to show how to program the hex file into the clock and how to modify to show date. If you connect WS2818 LEDs as shown in the document, it gives different back light colours according to display. Date is shown for 5 seconds every minute, but this can be turned off. Let me know if something is not clear in my instructions.   Andy
6-digit Nixie clock [150189]
Rahul Mr At
Rahul Mr At vor 4 Tagen
Can you please share the gerber and design files?
GSM Breakout board [150330]