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Thomas Bunge
Thomas Bunge vor 15 Stunden
Hello Rainer, when it comes to precision, especially on the voltage, which resistor(s) on the remote supply board would need to become adjustable resistors for calibration purpose, R17? Let me know if you’re interested in my forms for 1024x600 resolution. They look good and the bigger buttons are better to hit on the touch display:) greetings from Canada 
HV Power supply with tube and semiconductor curve tracer
SAM_Moshiri vor 18 Stunden
This project is identical with a project titled "AC Dimmer". I just made this again to put a better title, otherwise the contents are identical.
How to build a digital 220V AC dimmer [using Arduino]
Axiris vor 1 Tag
The 5 V output voltage of USB power adapters is not always exact 5 V and there may be differences in voltage between adapters. When using an USB cable between the USB power adapter and the thermometer, there will also be a voltage drop due to the resistance of the wires in the USB cable when the thermometer draws current. The Arduino Nano has an on board voltage regulator which provides a stabilized 3.3 V which I use to drive the tube via the 2N7000 mosfet transistor. As such, the exact USB power adapter voltage and a possible voltage drop over the cable do not affect the display height on the IN-9 tube. If you choose to use the 5 V supply, you can connect the D5 output on the Arduino directly to R18 (without mounting T4 and R12) but I would not recommend this unless you have a very stable 5 V supply.
Nixie bargraph thermometer with Arduino
Mras2an vor 1 Tag
Thank you for your quick answer Axiris. One more question why use 3V3 instead of 5V on the 2N7000 drain? Is it posible to use 5V? thank you
Nixie bargraph thermometer with Arduino
Axiris vor 1 Tag
IC2 contains 2 operational amplifiers but our circuit uses only one op amp IC2A. IC2B is not used and has no function in the circuit. However, an unused op amp needs to be terminated properly. That's the reason we used 2 10K resistors. More information about terminating unused op amps can be found here:
Nixie bargraph thermometer with Arduino