New Product Label Art-Work

12. November 2015, 00:00 Uhr

Our new corporate design will also become effective on product labels. They will appear in a two colour design with the new TRACO POWER logo (including symbol). However this adjustment will take place over a longer period. Existing stock of labels will be used up and even reprints of old version labels might be possible.

Products with new label design
Products with old label design

During this period it will happen that models of one delivery item have different labels. We pay attention to prevent having old labelled products, of models which have already been sent out with the new label version, on stock. But in some circumstances, old labelled products may appear after deliveries of new labelled products (depending on inventory, packing unit and order volume).

Please note:
You might find published images of products with new labels while production models are still equipped with the “old” version.

- A label art-work is not part of a product specification – not even of a design freeze.
- An old label art-work does not classify a product as expired.

We hope that you also like the new appearance of TRACO POWER products and it does not generate too many irritations.

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