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What happened to the analog projects in the maker world? Are all the projects just digital and plug and play these days? It can seem like that at times. Most engineers and makers connect modules and hope the analog stuff will work. But some have a grasp of the electronics inside. What about you? Do you have a handle on analog? Join Mathias Claußen (Senior Engineer, Elektor) and Jens Nickel (Editor in Chief, Elektor) for Elektor Lab Talk and a live discussion at 18:00 (Berlin) on September 29, 2022.

Analog Antics

In the episode, Mathias and Jens will cover op-amp basics (analog add/subtract and adding a DC offset to an AC signal), and they will also touch on analog video with an MCU. If you would also like to ask questions or contribute your tips and tricks to this talk, feel free to join the livestream on YouTube starting at 18:00 CEST. Once again, the engineers prepared a nice little giveaway as well. Check it out!
Elektor Lab Talk - Analog on Sep 29

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