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Dieter Aschmann
Dieter Aschmann vor 30 Minuten
Changes: Prototype construction 1 Variant. Component LM336_5 used for IC2.  When putting into operation / voltage check at the IC Sockets, was not AREF. At LM336_5.0V (there's no datasheet) in TARGET 3001 V19 but in the database???  Component corrected changed in LM336Z-5.0V and on board. AREF is now exactly adjusted to 5V. For those who already have boards of version 1 in progress, you can rotate by 180 ° IC2, then functionality is available.   For all users who want to directly insert the BOB ACS712 (20A) in K9, I've moved K9 slightly to the North.   For S7, S8, S9 MEC must be soldered must switch 5GTH935xx. Pin numbering on the back of un due note, it's also about 180 degrees twisted to solder. built-in LED XX stands for the color. Adjust to R7, R28, R29! XX = 22 = green value would then be 470 Ohm.   100 K = voltage divider for Umess1 R11, R12 was changed from 18 K to 20 K and tested with Multisim blue. Measuring range 0 now... 30V. Bascom program now changed due to changes in the value of R12 from 18 K to 20 k. Measuring range is now 0... 30V.   The IC TS912IN (rail-to-rail) is hard obtained a Dil version. New type is now MCP602-I/P.   It follows now first start-up with injection of 0... 30V from the laboratory power supply unit and Bob ACS712 with closed briefly entrance examination to 0A in the display (is). The setpoint values for voltage and current are with multi meter to 0... Checked 5V. Is that all right is connected with the University Lab. There is solder jumper on the circuit board. Once you can use the 5V in the circuit board. Jumper the other way around used the 5V from the University Lab. That's only because yes my project with other power supplies should go. All images, display of actual value voltage and actual power using an external lab power supply were. In the next step we a Unilab 2 PCB prototype connected to full functionality to test.   Dieter Aschmann  
User Interface for Unilab2 Power Supply
ElektorLabs vor 4 Stunden
Hi HaSch, Here are the files. I already designed a PCB for it at the time, I even did an SMT version, so you don't have to do that anymore.
On/Off Button for Arduino; switching off software controlled
Janez Majdic
Janez Majdic vor 7 Stunden
At first, thank you ElektorLabs and Hans for helping me out. Now, after I finally connect all as it should be, my Elektor Uno R4 came alive! Excuse me for my senior moments, but it's been quite a long time ago, I played with this "toys".  Now I’m passing all I know about, to my 16 year old son. Kind regards from me and Thank’s again.    
Elektor Uno R4 [150790]
Axiris vor 19 Stunden
Dag / Hi Guus, In bijlage het gevraagde bestand. Please find the requested file attached. Groetjes, Kind regards, Ilse
6-digit VFD Clock with ESP32
Erik vor 19 Stunden
I also used the MEMS microphone that was supplied with the kit. I enjoy monitoring the bat populations that are in proximity to my home. I monitor from the deck of my house which is on a hillside and therfore covers a lot of territory. The Elektor kit only picks up signals from bats that are hunting very nearby. My other dector uses a scanning heterodyne technique (google Digital Bat Scanner by Tony Messina) and it is able to detect bats that are visible within 10-20 meters and provides a very loud output. It is also  sensitive to a population of bats that are quite distant and not visible (100 + meters, faint signal). The Elektor kit does not compare well in performance. I also have another simpler herterodyne detector that performs well in comparison. Perhaps the failure of this kit is due to some error on my part in assembling it but I also asked the Elektor techinical team to evaluate it and thier response was "Our experiences with the circuit are also somewhat disappointing." I am happy that your experience has been better.  
Bat detector with amplitude recovery