Two PCB's one for the SiLabs (Skyworks) Si4684 DAB IC one for a Frontier Siena module (early days)

I used to design the electronic systems in  DAB radios for Pure Digital.
I decided i wanted to have a go writing the SW  to practice C

So Far:
I have written drivers from scratch for the 240 x 260 LCD display and the SD card.
I can send the Boot up code from an SD card to the silabs IC and I can display images from the SD card on the LCD
I used a Class D amp from Ti that can adjust the Vin to reduce power consumption.  
PCB's were designed using Altium and are 2 layers.

I am currently working to get the Silabs IC to fire up.  Although i can send the code to the IC i haven't been able to get the sequence of commands correct to switch it into DAB or FM mode and then turn on the I2S or analogue outputs