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| An ESP32-Pico-Kit with ADAU1701 as high-quality I²S audio codec with built-in audio DSP core.

| Turn an old analog rotary-dial phone into a remote control and alarm for a home automation system.

| Connect two potentiometers on one digital microcontroller input.

| 3 ways to make SPI compatible with WS2812B-type addressable RGB LEDs.

| Open-source Projekte wie ESPHome und Home Assistant machen die Hausautomation sehr viel einfacher. Anstatt viele Stunden mit der Entwicklung...

| A wearable ESP8266-based device with conductive-thread-compatible connections and a WS2812 addressable RGB LED string driver.

| People often ask us how to download something from or how to publish on GitHub. Here is how.

| A tutorial about using ESPHome to configure and connect an ESP-8266-based device to Home Assistant running on a Raspberry Pi.

| Die meisten Entwickler verwenden den digitalen Feuchte-, Druck- und Temperatursensor BME280 im I²C-Modus. Aber wussten Sie, dass er auch übe...

| Here is a trick that allows you to connect one or more rotary encoders to a microcontroller while using only one (1) analog input.