Tiny multi function Real-Time Clock Modules

25. September 2017, 10:11 Uhr
Picture: Micro Crystal
Picture: Micro Crystal
The very small fully integrated RTC module is the logical choice for the controlling part for low power management of any IOT or wearable. Fully integrated functions support the main needs in active and power-down modes:

- Programmable wake-up facility for keeping the microcontroller in lowest power mode as long as possible

- Keeping the actual time for accurately time stamping of events

- Low chitter reference clock with quartz accuracy ideal for Bluetooth LE 4.0 or to clock the microcontroller (PLL)

- Integrated reference quartz, reducing the BOM and eliminating any matching issues, achieving best accuracy

- Hermetically sealed, no need for conformal coating, since all high impedance circuits are no exposed

RTC-Modules featuring ultra low power or with temperature compensated crystal oscillator are completing the family.

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