A new series of SMD-type power choke coils for automotive applications using a metal composite core (MC) is now available from Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe. The LP series products benefit from a low profile (3 mm and 4 mm maximum height) and feature high heat resistance (designed for operation up to +155°C) and high reliability. A newly developed integral construction results in very good vibration resistance under severe reliability conditions of automotive and other strenuous applications.
Using ferrous alloy magnetic material, LP series components offer excellent inductance stability over a broad temperature range. Because of low RDC of winding and low eddy-current loss of the core the choke coils are highly efficient. A low audible (buzz) noise is another feature and the devices are also fully AEC-Q200 automotive qualified and RoHS compliant.
Comments Stephane Ngandeu Latta, Product Manager at Panasonic: “Our new rugged automotive power choke coils are ideal for demanding applications like noise filters for various drive circuitry requiring high temperature operation and peak current handling capability, as well as Boost-Converters and Buck-Converters DC/DC.”
For further information on the LP series power choke coils, please visit: https://eu.industrial.panasonic.com/