Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking XBee® and XBee-PRO® SX modules from Digi International. These 1-Watt devices are powerful embedded radio frequency (RF) wireless modules for applications running in the unlicensed 900 MHz ISM band. Optimized for secure and reliable wireless performance, the Digi XBee XBee-PRO SX modules are ideal for OEMs of mission-critical devices and sensors that need to get their wireless design to market quickly.

Digi’s XBee® and XBee-PRO® SX modules, available from Mouser Electronics, feature maximum output power for the 900 MHz spectrum (13 dBm for the XBee SX and 30 dBm for the XBee-PRO SX), 256-bit AES encryption, and the DigiMesh® networking protocol. The modules provide superior RF performance and obstacle penetration for challenging environments — all packed into the popular XBee surface mount footprint. Because the modules adhere to the same surface mount footprint as other XBee modules, OEMs can easily switch to other frequencies or protocols to expand their market reach and quickly grow their businesses.

The XBee SX modules feature high RF line-of-sight ranges (up to 65 miles for the XBee-PRO SX) and strong interference blocking, making them ideal for applications requiring the combination of range, data redundancy, and data reliability. The XBee/XBee-PRO SX modules can be configured easily using Digi’s XCTU software or via Digi’s simplified AT or API command sets. They are pre-certified for use in multiple countries and include integrated antennas, removing the burden of RF development and support costs.

The modules are supported by the Digi XK9X-DMS-0 development kit, which includes two XBee-PRO SX modules on a development board, one XBee SX module, an XBee USB interface board, and antennas and accessories. Extending XBee’s capability of enabling simple-development, quick time-to-market, and reliable wireless communications to connect, monitor, and control devices from anywhere in the world, the Digi XBee and XBee-PRO SX modules are ideally suited for use in agricultural, energy development and distribution, digital signage, and industrial control applications.

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