KCS TraceME upgrades TM-178 with LoRa technology

11. Juni 2016, 10:00 Uhr
The KCS TM-178/R9H7 module has been upgraded with optional LoRa technology.
The KCS TM-178/R9H7 module has been upgraded with optional LoRa technology.
KCS BV, based in Dordrecht NL, has upgraded its successful TraceME module TM-178, targeted for tracing and controlling (stolen) vehicles and other powered equipment. The TM-178/R9H7 module has been upgraded with optional LoRa™, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart (BLE), ANT/ANT+ and proprietary RF, which enables easy integration with existing wireless networks and specific custom mobile app’s on smartphones and tablets.

The LoRa™ technology offers a communication range up to 60 km line of sight. The module offers an advanced indoor and outdoor location based positioning solution, which covers a variety of IoT applications and enables stolen object/vehicle recovery.

The TM-178 is equipped with external power and battery backup connection, basic I/O-connectivity and multiple on-board sensors. The unit contains multiple integrated antennas for GPS/Glonass, GSM (2G/3G) and RF functionality. The functionality of the module can be remotely programmed to fit any job. From basic/general functionality to advanced/low-level application specific detailed functionality.

With a compact size of 91 x 40 mm, weighing 30 grams, a battery lifespan of more than 10 years, the module offers endless OEM integration possibilities. Optionally, the module can be ordered in a robust IP67 housing.

Please visit www.trace.me for more information.
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