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vasy vasy
vasy vasy vor 41 Minuten
thank you...
OBD2 for Arduino
rjv vor 1 Stunde
trying to get hold of a decent battery seems to be a problem. it should be light and capable of delivering 100 amps at 48 volts. i am thinking lithiu-ion or lipo,s, but this is rather expensive.  Idea,s and suggestions anyone?
race go-kart conversion to electric
rjv vor 2 Stunden
trying to rewrite software so it can be used also as a clock
180533 / 160205 - Clock / scoreboard / timer with LEDitron modules
Hanspeter Schären
Hanspeter Schären vor 4 Stunden
Good morningthere probably is a fault:The current requirement of the circuit at (+ 5V) is far too high (> 28mA), because the voltage reference (IC3 = LT1021) with max. 10mA may be charged!The datasheet of the LTS 25-NP :-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------      IC Current consumption @ VC = 5 V -> Typ.: (28 + IS2) + (VOUT / RL) mA-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------So sure  > 28mAThe data sheet of the voltage reference:-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------The LT®1021 is a precision reference with ultralow driftand noise, extremely good long term stability and almosttotal immunity to input voltage variations. The referenceoutput wants both source and sink up to 10mA.-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------What do you think?
Potential-free current measurement for oscilloscopes [150170]
Mansueto Grech
Mansueto Grech vor 5 Stunden
Ho Anders. Any new on possible kits please?  Regards Mans. 9H1GB 
Navtex receiver