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Thomas Beck
Thomas Beck vor 1 Stunde
Hello Andrew, the source code is written in C. The original author of the OBD2 Analyser NG released the AT90CAN128 firmware C source code with the restriction 'for non-commercial private use only'. Since HHGui uses parts of this firmware inside, HHGui is released with the same restriction. Due to missing demand and because Diamex has removed the firmware source code from the companies homepage long ago, the v1.3.0 firmware release was the last release for which I have provided full source code. To ease development for the many systems (Arduino, Pi, Windows, Ubuntu) that are supported in the meantime, AGV/DXM/OBD2 stuff and all menus are provided in a C-library in (for the Pi, this is libhhgui_pi.a) which is not documented for the user. To use the Pi-OBD module (at least at the moment, the DXM module is not available), the HHGui software is not necessarily needed. The module can be controlled via any terminal software. The text commands it understands are given in its documentation. Of course, an experienced developer could replace the HHGui GUI/LCD interface with another interface that can remotely be controlled. The GUI/LCD interface is completely available in the released sources. However, a much simpler solution is to use VNC. Start vncserver on the Pi. Start a VNC client on a PC/notebook, connect to the PI (wireless or Ethernet cable) and the PI can be remotely controlled from the PC. Then start HHGui and the display of HHGui will show up on the PC and can be controlled with either the PC's mouse or keyboard or both.
OBD2 for Raspberry Pi
andrew barker
andrew barker vor 13 Stunden
Nice project Thomas, It's at limit of my knowledge but I'm considering trying it for fun and having recently discovered my old Audi A3 uses ISO9141. I'm renovating and trying to get her started. I have a RaspberryPi and OBD cable, so a couple of questions: 1. is you code python and opensource? 2. So if I bought the OBD Pi Hat and DMX OBD module would I be able to re-program to skip the LCD i.e. use wifi to SSH into the pi to get output? Many thanks for any guidance. AB    
OBD2 for Raspberry Pi
ElektorLabs vor 15 Stunden
Hi Jerry, to get more information you can connect to the usb port of the weatherstation and open a terminal , like the one in the arduino ide. Set it to 115200 Baud 8N1 and restart the station. It shall then output Messages on yout terminal and show also if it is connected to your wifi and the ip address it optained form your dhcp. If you could check if you get these data would be great to figure out what went wrong. Regrads ElektorLabs   
ESP32 Weather Station (180468)
ElektorLabs vor 16 Stunden
There is no such thing as a standard connection for BME280 breakout boards. K3 has the same pinout as the Grove connector next to it, but on a 0.1" pitch. It is an I2C bus connector to which you can connect a BME280 or something else. We used it for instance with our own BME280 breakout board.
ESP32 Weather Station (180468)
ClemensValens vor 1 Tag
We did the board in Altium. Apparently the spiral posed a lot of problems for our version of Altium and the PC it ran on. For commercial usage of Elektor projects and articles, please send an email to (then I should receive it).
Spiral MicroTesla, USB powered [160498]