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Software Defined Data Acquisition

Status: Einsendung
1. Februar 2018
Swabian Instruments develops products based on its unique data acquisition technology coined “Software Defined Data Acquisition”. This technology enables a way to acquire electrical measures such as frequency, time difference, intensity, in real time on a software layer. The user can implement any thinkable digital electrical measurement strikingly faster in software. This technology is brought to the user by a versatile, flexible and very easy-to-use API. Our customers embrace our technology and use it to reduce their development cost, save development time and increase the reliability of their Measurement Systems. Example: we implemented a 16 channel 30 GHz Logic Analyzer in one day with just about 100 lines of C++ code. We think this is impressive! Our technology promises numerous application within the automotive and semiconductor industry spanning the chain from R&D to manufacturing and to end products.
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