Replica of ARITH-MATIC S1-AU Mk1 Learning Kit

Replica of the Arith-Matic S1-AU Mk1 Learning Kit based on the FreeSoC2 board from Sparkfun.

[Translated from attached project description in German]
There are things that are so simple and yet so ingenious that after the first thought of "I want one!" the second idea "I want to build one!" follows. The Arith-Matic S1-AU Mk1 Learning Kit is one of these things for me.

With a few simple logic circuits, a working computing unit is built. It can be used as introduction to digital logic and for demonstrating how to build more complex functions from simple logic functions as found in microcontrollers, etc.

Since I already participated in courses for introduction to electronics/computer science where I worked with the FreeSoC2 board from Sparkfun (PSoC5-LP family), it was obvious to combine the basic idea of the Learning Kit with the possibilities of the PSoC5-LP family (Cypress/Infineon).

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