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Connect to motorcycle ECU through Diagnostic Connector

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28. Juli 2012 , Letztes Update: 15. Mai 2016

I am a hobby racer and want to modify my fuel maps and ignition settings (and more parameters) on outputs generated from my own analysis from a data logger. Not a Dynojet bench....but on the circuit itself. There are solutions and manufactures like: Rexxer, TunerPro, etc... who can do this. But i want to make it myself with elektronics and microcontrollers. CAN-bus is also an options. But as I can tell the ECU is mostly accessed through the Diagnostic Connector. But whick protocol to use? Where to start? For example: a solution which kan handle more protocols. [BMW S1000RR, Ducati 749, Suzuki GSXR, Kawasaki ZX-10R, Triump 675) I thought beginning with reading a diagnostig connector with a scope?? And than make signals (messages) read on the PC with a Diagnostig Connector to FTDI (USB) or RS232? Handshake protocol? ACK/NAK?

This is to ambitious. I am starting smaller...

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