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EcoKees vor 49 Minuten
About version control: GIT is the answer to my version-problems. And, it was already at my computer. I read a few tutorials and I am very enthusiastic about GIT and GITHUB. It is very usable software, both for Windos or Linux. Also, you don't need Eclipse for GIT version control.  GIT is in no way interfering with your software. It is there in the background. Whenever you made some changes/updates to your program GIT keeps track of all changes. After that you can sort of save the current version of your software. All the changes you applied are visible later, you can revert to an earlier version of your program and start another branch from that point.  It is possible to recreate an arbitrary version of you sourcecode, but I don't know yet how... I only started yesterday-night with GIT! Try it out, read the tutorials and have a long night with this marvellous version control system!
Remote dingdong-server
dkroeske vor 2 Stunden
Started with schematic entry. See repo.
Dot-message board and messaging platform
Frozen vor 4 Stunden
DanyR vor 10 Stunden
In this version, an example of user control is added. It is simply a potmeter (R6 in the circuit diagram), connected to an analog input of the PIC, that will control the dimmer. I had to change the PIC to the PIC12F675 to have an analog input. Of course this is one of the most simple user controls that are possible. The potmeter can e.g. be replaced by an RC filter, making it possible to steer the dimmer with a PWM signal (the filter has to convert this to a DC voltage, the required input of the analog input).
230V AC dimmer, mains isolated, using P12F629
EcoKees vor 1 Tag
DoorbellButton.c is the doorbell-client. The software is a modification of an example I found on the web. I use Eclipse for software development. A hell of a job to install, set-up and create a new project. But after that it is a marvellous development system. One big problem is that you don't have version control. After a few modifications I forgot to save my source code. At the end I had to start again from the beginning. You really need an automagically save of all your previous versions. This program will send a telnet-message to a dingdongserver and then go into deep sleep. The dingdongserver will ding the dong three times. That is something I can't miss in my room. The program awakens from deep sleep when the doorbellbutton has been pressed by a visitor. It will draw about 140 mA current at 5 V during about 6 seconds. In deep sleep the current is only 3.5 mA. In a later version of this program all events will be logged and made available using a website.
Remote dingdong-server