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Amir Ebrahimi
Amir Ebrahimi vor 10 Minuten
This is my electronic lab in my student accommodation
Show Us Your Home Lab and Win More Gear to Clutter It With
wolletje vor 1 Stunde
Hey Anders,  Funny enough I can download the dsPic sources now? thanks!  and yes.....  I would like to build the hardware and make a print for it on my old Elector router and therefore it would be nice if you could post the Kicad sources here ;-) /Henk
Navtex receiver
Jose Maria Vernet Becedas
Jose Maria Vernet Becedas vor 12 Stunden
One question to Harold (and all..) , did you test the circuit using the IF out directly to Frisnit, may be also with the dual band filter and gain stage , do you thing than these add-ons can improve the IF signal quality ? , also when processed with Frisnit (or other soft) and a microcontroller ?
Navtex receiver
HaSch vor 14 Stunden
I built a Waterflow Monitor using a WeMos Lolin32 board and a cheap IR reflective sensor. My waterflow meter has no magnetic parts (to avoid manipulation) but it has a reflective field on the liters pointer that works well with my sensor. Now, I have absolutely no plan how to make a IFTTT applet to receive SMS and in Elektor Magazine it is described rather superficially. I opened an IFTTT account but I'm unable to create the needed applet. Can you make a HowTo for me and others to get it work?  Best regards, Hans
Waterflow Monitor
Jose Maria Vernet Becedas
Jose Maria Vernet Becedas vor 15 Stunden
Seems that Kicad is easy..... , Anders casn I ask for you take a look.... ? , Thanks
Navtex receiver