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jawi vor 3 Stunden
Because of the interest in this circuit, I have updated the print layouts and schematics. On the layouts the decoupling capacitors and those of the power supply are not further numbered.
Active audio crossover filter
HaSch vor 6 Stunden
Your version 2 also needs a small modification of the Arduino as you have to solder two wires, one to the barrel jack and one to the diode on Arduino. Another option is to plug the output of the added circuit into the barrel jack of the Arduino but then it might be necessary to shortcut the diode on Arduino. And that's a modification, too.
On/Off Button for Arduino; switching off software controlled
ClemensValens vor 7 Stunden
To figure out how you wired things up (your description could have been a bit clearer) I drew it in Eagle. Once understood I drew up a variation that doesn't require a modification of the Arduino board. If you add a barrel jack and a diode the circuit should work with any Arduino board. What do you think?
On/Off Button for Arduino; switching off software controlled
Emiel Bart
Emiel Bart vor 18 Stunden
Has this been tested, using multiple of these DMX512 convertors? And also, when will they be available?
Isolated USB to DMX512 Converter(160493)
SiR vor 1 Tag
Example given: I opened the volumio interface on a second device (iPad) while from another iPad I piloted the sources. Starting a movie on first device the Volumio interface on second device showed bitrate and samplingrate (16Bit, 44.1 Khz), so it was obviously processing something, just not audible. Unless I'm very much mistaken audio format should be an ordinary mpeg, Interesting point tho' resampling could be switching itself off ... that would mean it's both: volumio issue and pcm1794 (implementation) issue ...
Audio DAC for RPi - Networked Audio Player using Volumio [160198]