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Peter K Carnegie
Peter K Carnegie vor 10 Stunden
Hi G8JCFSDR Website has moved to G8JCF.UK After many years, Dyndns has decided to end their provision of free internet domains such as G8JCF.DYNDNS.ORG. In order to carry on making available the G8JCFSDR software, I have registered a new domain, G8JCF.UK  which serves out the G8JCFSDR software. I have paid DYNDNS to have G8JCF.DYNDNS.ORG provided for 12 months so that there should be a smooth transition/migration to G8JCF.UK, ie I hope that search engines will pick up G8JCF.UK so that I can stop paying DYNDNS for G8JCF.DYNDNS.ORG. URL links which point to G8JCF.DYNDNS.ORG will be automatically redirected, (301 Permanant), to G8JCF.UK for the next 12 months which should update the various search engines so that when G8JCF.DYNDNS.ORG ceases to exist, people will still be able to find the G8JCFSDR software. The change from FREE to PAY FOR service has served as a salutary lesson to me, ie NOTHING [apart from love :(] in life is really free, and in the end one has to pay for it. It is all too easy to get lured/suckered  in by the free offer, and then have to pay later !! To give you an idea, in my case having to extend G8JCF.DYNDNS.ORG by 1 year (to give search engines time to update), has cost me the same as 10 Years of G8JCF.UK !! For those interested in how I settled on G8JCF.UK, please read on.If you need your own domain name, eg G8JCF.UK, I have found that .UK TLDs from WHOIS.COM are very good value for money, about GBP 53/USD 70 for 10 years; then use DYNU.COM for name servers (free) - WHOIS.COM do NOT have a dynamic DNS API which means that for those of us without a STATIC IP keeping the DNS entry synced is not practical, whereas DYNU.COM has a well established dynamic DNS API. I have no connection whatsoever with either of these organisations, but £5/$7 per year to own your own domain strikes me as great value for money. I hope this information is useful. If anybody has problems with the new domain name, and/or the redirect from, please email me at G8JCFSDR (at) GMAIL (dot) COM. Peter - GM8JCF  
Software Defined Radio (SDR) shield for Arduino [150515-1]
Ulrich Dreher
Ulrich Dreher vor 17 Stunden
I'd really love to have non-green boards (red would be nice but purple is ok as well) without a hefty premium :) Unfortunately it isn't really an option to order in California as I reside in Europe.
Who is your favourite printed circuit board pooler?
electrostat vor 20 Stunden
Hi, sometimes an Internet search can be helpful - have a look here: I built this one years ago, it worked fine and the coils were simply wound on standard coil formers with iron cores. I figured out the number of windings experimentally but I don´t have the data anymore. As far as I remember I started with about 100 windings - but in these modern times multimeters for Henrys are available for under  $ 20.  More details here: An earlier tube version you find here: or here updated: ...and another one here: Good luck!
Analog Theremin
Saschi_focus vor 22 Stunden
JLCPCB is my Favorite for my Hobby Projects, . The cost for 5-10 Pcb's 100x100mm are wirh Delivery round 11€. The Pcb's are arrived after 10 Days. A Picture from a PIC18 Wlan Board are below. The Quality is very good.  For a Technician Project we use Multi Leiterplatten GmbH, we need the Pcb rapid. After 3 Days the Pcb's arrived. The Quality is great. The best are, Multi CB sponsored us the Pcb. 
Who is your favourite printed circuit board pooler?
DwayneR vor 1 Tag
All PCB has been working very well for me.  They often offer free shipping via DHL provided the total order cost is less than about US $50. I've used them perhaps a dozen times over the past couple of years.  Much less expensive than AP Circuits and almost as fast.
Who is your favourite printed circuit board pooler?