Prototype adapter to connect an MCU to a VGA Monitor. Allows for flexible bit with configuration

This is work in progress. The first PCB has been built up and is working, but what is it?
Almost any MCU can produce a VGA signal and depending on RAM and MCU speed in different Resolutions and color depths. If you want to interface your MCU with a VGA-monitor you need some converter as VGA-signals are 0-0.7 V for RED, BLUE and GREEN color components. And that is what this board is doing with a nice little trick.

The color dept or bits per color your MCU will output can vary depending on RAM, speed or the amount IOs you want to use. So this little board can be configured to take from 1 bit per color up to 8 bit per color input. To buffer the signal and relieve the MCU pins from driving the required R2R-DACs there are bus-driver in place (74ALVC245), so you will get a defined color output.

To set the number of bits to be used, a set of switches is installed on the board, so no soldering is required. This is a small cuircuit that may can come usefull for someone that is also playing around with VGA output on MCUs.