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Invisible Multi-Target Doorbell

Status: Einsendung
26. Dezember 2017 , Letztes Update: 15. Januar 2018
We hereby ask Elektor Labs users to propose ideas, suggestions and possible solutions for a multi-target doorbell (see below). This is not a contest (although we may reward the best solution), just a request for your participation. If a good, practical & original solution comes out of this, it will be implemented.

The Problem

A building in the old city centre of Amsterdam houses several companies, Elektor being one of them. To signal their presence, visitors must be able to reach each of these companies through a single, multi-target doorbell. Currently only an old-fashioned metal pull lever bell is available and must be retained. The exterior of the building may not be altered; cabinets full of high-tech electronics may be placed in the space behind the front door (as long as people and objects can pass comfortably).

What we don't want

doorbell panel
We DON'T want this, we are looking for an invisible solution.

Let it be clear that the problem we are trying to solve is not distributing the bell signals inside the buiding (we know about multiplexing, busses and all that), but getting the bell signal from the street side into the building in an elegant, high-tech and discreet way.


  • Each company (doorbell target) must be reachable individually without notifying other companies (targets);
  • One generic bell, call or code is required for visitors who do not know their target;
  • The exterior of the building may not be altered;
  • Keep the current doorbell;
  • New doorbell on the street side should be as discreet as possible: small, invisible;
  • Accessible to disabled people;
  • Respect privacy regulations;
  • High-tech gadget solution is greatly appreciated.

Some possible avenues to explore

Keep in mind that people with an appointment can be treated differently than people without. The first group can get a code or password, or provide a photo before they show up at the front door.
  • Secret knock codes
  • Facial recognition (beware of privacy issues)
  • Voice (password) recognition
  • Piece of art
  • Other...

Anything is possible as long as it is doable within a reasonable budget.
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