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lora long distance alarm notification

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31. Oktober 2019
imagine a scouting home in a nice little forest, approximately 1 or 2 kilometer from your hometown. It,s always nice and quiet there and in the weekend you meet your friends to have a drink and a chat around a bonfire.
Since everybody has to work during the week, there is no one visiting the compound................except for an occasional burglar !
and believe me: it is an unpleasant surprise if you walk in on fridaynight, expecting a relaxed weekend, and find out that someone has robbed the place ...again!
so we decided to install an alarm, and we did, and yes it worked.
The only problem was: this place is so remote that no one hears the alarm sounding and the lights flashing, since no living soul is passing by during the week.
since one of my colleagues was developing a lora weather station, i got the idea that this technology could be the solution for our problem.
if we could develop a system with lora that could warn one of us during the week if the alarm was triggered, we could respond to it immediately.
maybe it would be desirable to connect the receiving device to our home network, so we could monitor the state of the alarm from anywhere?
what do you people think of the idea?
suggestions, idea,s and proposals are welcome for this project.
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