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Crazy Summer at Elektor Labs: get 25 euros for your project!

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30. Juni 2017
Finally, it is summer again! We opened all the windows at Elektor Labs and whoosh, a whole stack of 25-euro gift certificates was blown out. Catch one of them by posting a project you did or you are working on at Elektor Labs! Publish a project to collect the reward.

And if you put in some real effort and originality, your project may even be selected for publication in Elektor Magazine, meaning that you will get paid an author’s fee too!

Terms and conditions
  1. Projects must be posted during the month of July 2017. The post’s creation date will be used as timestamp.
  2. Original work only, the poster must be the legal and intellectual owner of the project. Public domain, copied, stolen, pirated, plagiarized or whatever kind of unoriginal work will be refused and removed.
  3. A Project can be finished or a work in progress; hardware, software, 3D printing, mechanical, educational, tutorial, video, any subject will do as long as it is about electronics.
  4. A Project must include all the design files and documents needed to reproduce the project up to its published state. Unfinished projects must include photographs of the work in progress.
  5. Linking to commercial websites and product pages is prohibited; linking to products in the Elektor Shop is allowed.
  6. Participants who cannot be contacted due to invalid or incorrect email addresses will be excluded.
  7. Elektor Labs has the right to accept or refuse any project for reasons only known to Elektor Labs.
Play fair. If you play fair, we will too.
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