Post a new project and earn a €25 gift certificate!

It is autumn again! The season when colours change and tree leaves swirl and whirl through the air carried by a sometimes-violent wind. It is time to harvest what has ripened; time to prepare for next spring. It is the perfect season to write down what you came up with during your summer holidays, and to free your mind for new projects and adventures.

Elektor Labs offers a 25-euro gift certificate for every project published at Elektor Labs that meets the conditions below. If you put in some real effort and originality, your project may even be selected for publication in Elektor Magazine, meaning that you will get paid an author’s fee too!

To create a new project, click the Create Project button and go through the form. Projects posted as a comment to this article are excluded. When ready, click the red Publish button at the top of the page. Projects must be visible at the Elektor Labs homepage to be taken into account. Projects in Draft mode are excluded. Read the Elektor Labs User Manual in case you are unsure.

Important Note for New Posters
Due to recent spamming attacks, new projects posted by people who have never posted a project before at Elektor Labs must first be approved by the Elektor Labs team. This is a one time thing, but it can take a bit of time.

Terms and Conditions
  1. Projects must be posted during the month of November 2019. The post’s creation date will be used as timestamp.
  2. One person is allowed to post more than one project as long as each project has its own project page at Elektor Labs and every project conforms to these Terms and Conditions.
  3. A project must use electronics and be about the used electronics. In other words, a project must be suitable for the Elektor audience.
  4. Original work only, the poster must be the legal and intellectual owner of the project. Public domain, copied, stolen, pirated, plagiarized or whatever kind of unoriginal work will be refused and may be removed.
  5. A project must include all the design files and documents needed to reproduce the project up to its published state.
  6. A simple link to another website is not considered a valid project. Everything needed to reproduce the project (i.e. schematics, PCB designs, source code, etc.) must be published as attachments to the project at Elektor Labs.
  7. Linking to commercial websites and product pages is prohibited; linking to products in the Elektor Shop is allowed.
  8. Participants who cannot be contacted due to invalid, incorrect or unchecked email addresses will be excluded.
  9. The gift certificate has a value of €25 and can be used in the Elektor Shop only.
  10. Gift certificates remain valid for three months after their creation date.
  11. Gift certificates can be combined to create a greater value.
  12. Elektor Labs has the right to accept or refuse any project for reasons only known to Elektor Labs.
Play fair. If you play fair, we will too.