Have you ever worried about your balcony plants when you're away? This project was born out of the need for a reliable solution to keep your plants hydrated, even when you're on vacation. We scoured the internet for options but found that our deep pots required a different approach.

As is often the case, this project was born from the need to solve a problem:
I wanted to be able to be away from home for a fortnight in the summer without having to ask someone to come and water the plants on my balcony.
 I scoured the internet to explore the proposed solutions. There are several types of sensors with multiple parameters to consider, such as soil quality and soil temperature. 
However, the pots I use, ranging from 5L to 25L, are too deep to use the simple PCB pot sensor found at a modest.
Document is in French and English.
  • Variable length, allowing it to adapt to different types of pots and plants.
  • Three LED for visual indications (red, orange, green).
  • Have an active output allowing you to control a solenoid valve (multi-probe mode) or a pump (single probe).
  • The object must be reprogrammable by ISP to adjust parameters according to specific needs.
  • SEE READ ME French or English, document, diagram, code.

Simple Demo