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Adjustable DC current source with integrated hi-z DVM [130287-I]

Status: Abgeschlossen
20. Januar 2013
in Elektor | April 2014 | Zum Heft-Artikel...

With this portable instrument, you can safely test and measure very quickly all diodes, zeners, LEDs, etc... in their actual conditions of use, that is with a known and adjustable current, and up to a significant voltage (opposite to classic DVMs : unknown current, output limited to 3V or less). You can see the light efficiency from a LED, connect LEDs in series to make a visual selection, characterize a zener knee, estimate the leakage current of a diode with temperature, measure the avalanche voltage of a junction, measure very high resistances up to 2 gigaohms, and even capacitors with help of ... a stopwatch !

You can also disconnect the current source and use the instrument as a simple DVM with the particularity of a very high input impedance.

Main characteristics :

20 output current values from 10nA up to 20mA in 1-2-5 steps.

1.4% + 100pA output current precision

20V maximum output voltage.

Adjustable output clamping voltage from 1V up to 20V with LED indicator.

Integrated 3.5 digits two-range high impedance voltmeter.

0.2% voltmeter precision

4 x AA cells power supply.

110 hours battery life @ 1mA output

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author's instrument (final version)

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