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DwayneR vor 2 Stunden
All PCB has been working very well for me.  They often offer free shipping via DHL provided the total order cost is less than about US $50. I've used them perhaps a dozen times over the past couple of years.  Much less expensive than AP Circuits and almost as fast.
Who is your favourite printed circuit board pooler?
RICH OBERMEYER vor 7 Stunden
Simple choice, I would use "" Its not a PCB fabricator, its a web calculator for your exact PCB needs. As far as I know this site makes no money from the board houses other than ads on the site. I have found no one vendor fits all even for me. For instance Eurocircuits is in Belgium.  I am in California in the USA. Eurocircuits is in the pcbshopper list and $450 more than I paid 2 days ago at ALLPCB in China and includes DHL delivery.  Eurocircuits was 9 day delivery total and ALLPCB was 6 days. For users in other countries and states they will also see huge advantages and disadvantages depending on their designs, personal preferences and delivery criteria. I also use OSH PARK and they are on the list. They are in California and half the price of ALLPCB but delivery is 15 days.  OSH PARK boards are always purple and come in sets of 3.  For some proto boards thats perfect but for production to customers, they are not so happy with the purple.  I have bought some simple boards from OSH PARK delivered for less than $3.00 including first class shipping. Try the PCBSHOPPER and see what options work for you. For stencils I always use OSH STENCIL.  Never had a reason to go anywhere else.  
Who is your favourite printed circuit board pooler?
Carlos Huerta
Carlos Huerta vor 7 Stunden
Just finished to mount all the components but it looks 3.3v has a short circuit somewhere, I checked all the components using 3.3v with a lab microscope, even desolder the discrete components, I would like to check if there is a bug in the board, because my next step is taking out the SMD components which will be costly in time and money. Thanks for the feedback  
FPGA DSP radio for narrow band communications [ 150177-I ]
Ulrich Dreher
Ulrich Dreher vor 8 Stunden
My favorites are changing from time to time  :) Once upon a time . . . it had been PCB-POOL aka Beta-Layout ( - at a time when the soldermask was an option and a silkscreen not available. This had been one of the reasons to switch to M+V Breidenbach, now M & V Leiterplatten Vertriebs GmbH ( Maybe I should revisit them as the quality and reliability of service were absolutely great. More recently I've switched to Eurocircuits ( - mainly driven my mere laziness: I can send my EAGLE (former) resp. KiCad (recently) PCB files without any post-processing. While I have no doubt about copper and solder mask layers, the resulting silkscreen came as some surprise (I hadn't considered this): Just as I would have done it, I got the references printed and the values not printed. Everything's fine :) The quality is OK (I only rate OK vs. "scrap") - the only thing I had to get accustomed with: the solder mask is so dark that you have problems to discern your copper fills underneath. (Traces are a lesser problem as they usually result in groves in the solder mask.) And they offer a lot of add-ons (checks for manufacturability, tools, ...) If I have one thing to critisize: I had my PCB file checked prior ordering - just to see that it was checked again. And this check took way longer than anticipated. Anyway, they met the deadline... Honestly: I kindly recall the times when the solder mask was a bright, semi-translucent green that made the traces look like gold.
Who is your favourite printed circuit board pooler?
William Reeve
William Reeve vor 9 Stunden
We use Eurocircuits, if time is money, then they were the best value for us. We manufacture small batch runs, 1 to 10 board runs, custom PCBs for clients. The Eurocircuits eco system of a stencil printer and oven and VERY easy stencils and panalisation saves us many hours of prototype development. Excellent on-line Gerber checking with manufacture rules…and last but not least a real person to talk to at the end of phone when you need them!  
Who is your favourite printed circuit board pooler?