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ElektorLabs vor 1 Stunde
avrdude is used a lot for AVR programming. It has many options so explaiing its usage in three words in detail is not easy. Search the Internet for a tutorial. For the Arduino-compatible board of this project the command line would look something like this (untested!): avrdude -p atmega32u4 -P COM1 -carduino -D -U flash:w:MyProgram.hex:i The HEX file name should be adapted to your file and the port ("COM1") must be the port used by your board. If you use the Arduino IDE you don't need to do this, because the IDE does it all for you.
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ALFREDO Hp PEREZ vor 2 Stunden
K. Horton , Cómo está Ud, tu versión de POV está muy bueno serias gentil de enviarme los archivos que necesitaste para construir tu versión, no te digo que me lo envies gratis. de eso nos podremos de acuerdo por interno, mi correo es estoy muy interesado en adquirir tus archivos.  espero pronta tu respuesta. saludos.
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Russin Sir Bullar
Russin Sir Bullar vor 1 Tag
Does anyone know if and how AVRDUDE is used ?  
180348 DIY soldering station
Heinz2 vor 2 Tagen
Danke für die Info Sorry, für das Mißverständniss  Ich möcht  18=SDA und 19=SCL benutzen. Gruß Heinz
180348 DIY soldering station
ElektorLabs vor 2 Tagen
Dear Russin Sir Bullar , we are sorry to hear that the OLED is not working at all. For replacement please contact customerservice ( ) . For the software related questions: the Atmega comes with a preprogrammed Arduino bootloader. If you load the sketch you can compile amd upload it using the arduni IDE, as the board behaves like a Arduino Leonardo. Also you should have the Firmware 1.2 already preprogrammed to the chip and be able to use a termial ( like putty , hterm, cutecom ,.... ) to access the serial command line interface ( Parameter: 11500 Baud, 8 Databits, no parity , 1 Stopbit ). Best regards ElektorLabs  
180348 DIY soldering station