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Calpe vor 6 Stunden
Is there a possibilty, being that is 2017?
Preamplifier 2012 (1) - introduction and line-in/tone/volume board (110650)
Gizmo vor 1 Tag
First off, Great project!!  I built one the same day you posted the code and now have 4 in operation with many added features and even westminster chimes as well as drivers for using RGB LED strings instead of the RGB digits.  I have found that the ESP reboots all the time and in the beginning it did loose connection, I had to write some code to "retry" the connection on a failure, after that it has worked pretty well.  Power problems is the number one cause of the reboots but there is some kind of memory overflow or stack problem as well.  J
RGBdigit clock [160100]
petrus bitbyter
petrus bitbyter vor 2 Tagen
Een demo-opstelling You Tube: Te zijner tijd komt er hopelijk nog een demo van de modelbaan. De opbouw daarvan gaat nogal traag (ok erg traag) in verband met de gezondheid van de bouwer/eigenaar. petrus bitbyter
Stoplichtautomaat voor de modelbaan.
Quenton vor 2 Tagen
Yep. I tried a multi-turn pot on my 2nd channel but I managed to mess up the connection. Since I didn't have much difficulty with the 1-turn pot when tuning the 1st channel, I removed the multi-turn pot (before powering up :-D) and replaced with the original. It was my only soldering mistake I think.  Amp sounds great all round - I thought my speakers were a bit light on bass but now I realise it was my tired old amp (rotel ra-971). I love the Q-Watt.  
Q-Watt - Simple Audio Power Amplifier (110656)
Lucky vor 2 Tagen
@GRF: Great that you were able to pinpoint the problem! I will forward this to the guy who wrote the software, maybe he knows how to tackle this issue. If not, I'll have check for myself, but that can take some time I'm afraid, the Elektor Lab is moving to another office....  
RGBdigit clock [160100]