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Marvin Hollander
Marvin Hollander vor 11 Stunden
Hallo, Ik wil graag een lasercut multiplex versie van de behuizing maken, echter.... Ik ben in het bezit van autoCAD en wilde de behuizingbestanden openen, maar hij mist 3 bijbehorende bestanden, zie in de bijlage. Nu lijken ze mij niet cruciaal voor de afmetingen, gezien het tif, jpg en png bestanden betreft. Waarschijnlijk een logo? Heb ik een download gemist?
6-digit VFD Clock with ESP32
ClemensValens vor 18 Stunden
Smalltask is a personal tiny OS developed by the author.
Spiral MicroTesla, USB powered [160498]
Gerheart Cadalig
Gerheart Cadalig vor 1 Tag
how to edit text or make your own code for text? how did you make the text? thank you
MAXREFDES99# LED Shield Experiments [160267]
fbi3147 vor 1 Tag
A good Idea but it is perfectible. fisrt: for inductor, the work frequency is too high. I have replaced both c1 and c2 by two 100nF and the the low capacitance to measure is 1 µH. Second: for inductor or capacitor, with lower values, a jitter comme and the read is not accurate. I have added in software an integration système of several measure. See my 1.2 version in attach.
Platino-based simple LC meter [130341]
DF5CL vor 4 Tagen
Please check the version of the etherkit library. Sir Kainka's Elektor Article links to: But the most recent release has additional parameters, so compilation will most likely fail without amendment. But if you ceck under "releases", you might find an older release (v.1.2.1) that compiles fine. Good Luck!
Software Defined Radio (SDR) shield for Arduino [150515-1]