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PAUL KINDELL vor 6 Stunden
Well done Andy on the additional features!  I can't think of much else to add!  I build mine using BCD to 7 segment LEDs and used 4 inch blue 7 segments.  I had to switch them to red as the blue was so bright you could not look at them! I have to admit, I have only watched the video and not looked at the rest of your documentation.  The first thing that catches my eye is the seconds jumping in the video.  In my opinion, the clock was built going for super accuracy.  The seconds jumping completely takes that away from it.  It simply looks like it can't keep time. I know the GPS module has 1 PPS output.  That would eliminate the jumping if you could use an interupt watching the 1 PPS.  I know you are very short on pins, so I can't offer any ideas there until I review the documentation more.  I am not sure if you fixed the Display leading real time problem we found but the 1 PPS may fix that problem also. Again, I love what you have done with the project taking it to the next level.  I just can't implement it until the seconds jumping is resolved.  I just can't take my eyes off the seconds digit! Thanks! Paul
6-digit Nixie clock [150189]
Ulf vor 13 Stunden
Have been informed that Elector is testing a new release with build in security, hopefully implementing a check of the signal from the soldering tip. This version will be released when they have finished testing. Really looking forward to get my hands on this. I have asked to compile two version, one with support for clock wise rotary switch and one for the anti clock wise version, since my rotary switches was working in the oposite direction of the switches that was reccomended. 
Platino Soldering Station [140107 ]
F1Andy vor 2 Tagen
Hi Elektor fans. I finished my alternative software for the Nixie Clock kit. It is necessary to change the supplied toggle switch to a push button, in order to access and change the configuration parameters.  Other modifications are optional but usefule I think... The software adds: - date diplay (EU or USA format)  (USA format only unless PCB is modified) -EU or USA DST correction -Anti poison display -Alarm clock function -WS2812 type LED backlight control -night time dimming of the backlight It is ready to handle the next GPS Epoch if needed next year. Have a look at the youtube clip first to see if it would be suitable for you... The documents should help to program your clock, but read out the exisiting program first so you can roll back if you don't like it! (Usual disclaimer of course:  I don't take responsibility for any damage caused by using my instructions or software.) Andy
6-digit Nixie clock [150189]
hriesz vor 2 Tagen
Referenzen : (1) (2) Elektrogitarren - Technik und Sound, Helmuth Lemme, Elektor Verlag 2003 (3) Cadfaels – Passive Schaltungen für E-Bässe, (4) „300 Schaltungen“ Schaltung 18  
GuitarSoundModulator V1
Erik vor 4 Tagen
Thanks Nick for your input. I've done my best to rule out mistakes on my part. I have double and triple checked placement of all parts. My solder joints are good. I set up a piezo speaker and a signal generator to produce an ultrasonic audio signal and then I traced the signal through every part of the circuit with an oscilloscope. Everything seems to be functioning as designed from front end to back end. But the sensitivity is miserable. I have two other bat detector kits that I've built that perform far better then this kit. When I set them up at dusk, the sky is just chattering with bat noises near and far and I have to turn down the volume just to keep my ears from hurting when a bat flys overhead. But with this kit, occasionaly I'll get some scratchy sounds with a close flyby. I guess it's just a bad design. What a dissapointement. Money wasted. 
Bat detector with amplitude recovery