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Gustavo Murta
Gustavo Murta vor 1 Tag
Hi PADAKATHU,  I suggest you create some calculations to convert float in  two's complement format. void PrintVoltage () {   Voltage = ((Digit5 * 10000) + (Digit4 * 1000) + (Digit3 * 100) + (Digit2 * 10) + Digit1) / 10000.0 ;   Serial.print("   Voltage = ");   Serial.print(Signal);   Serial.println(Voltage, 3); } Some things may interfere in zero calibration: Voltage reference adjust type of capacitor C3 (0,47 uF) electronic noise and interference Regards, Gustavo Murta   
ESP32 Digital Voltmeter
Hello Gustavo, i checked for calculations reading stability. Readings are very stable, few issues I want to discuss here  I need to get voltage with signal (+/-) in a float variable for calculations Tried to convert both voltage and sign to string and the string to float, not succeed, please if you know how to get the voltage with sign for calculation example value1-value2 (+1.580-+1.456). Tried to send to another ESP32 serial port and done calculation, I want to convert in data Acquiring ESP32 Itself calculation using 1Mohmm resister inbetween input low and input HI to settle down to zero, some bords not comming to complete zero completely 0.3-4mv floats there
ESP32 Digital Voltmeter
TymenYel vor 2 Tagen
This is a LED radio transmitter if you use the schematic as is. The power supply wires and the LED wires act as a dipole. I know that it is designed as a radio transmitter because it uses a LED, and all LED lights transmit radio waves, everybody knows that. But it doesn't have to be. First interchange the place of the coil and the LED. In a simulation nothing changed because the coil and LED are in series, but in real life less interference is now generated. And second add a small capacitor over the LED contacts on the circuitboard. And now enjoy the radio silence.
High Efficiency Constant Current LED Dimmer
Ion Trap
Ion Trap vor 3 Tagen
Well done on winning the competition! That's a great lab.
Show Us Your Home Lab and Win More Gear to Clutter It With [contest closed]
Bruno Ferreira
Bruno Ferreira vor 3 Tagen
Congratulations. Great lab you have.
Show Us Your Home Lab and Win More Gear to Clutter It With [contest closed]