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fbi3147 vor 13 Stunden
Très pertinente réflexion de Kenneth mais celà augmente le coût de l'ensemble et l'utilisation de composants low power s'accompagne aussi d'une miniaturisation. Peut-être qu'un objectif moins ambitieux de 16 heures extensibles par générateur solaire selon les besoins permettrais de diminuer le poids global.
A GPS tracker for ultra-endurance cyclists
androsio vor 15 Stunden
I'm going to start with the active development of the clock. I was hoping to have a Reneses development kit but it hasn't arrived yet, so I'll start creating the first prototype using Arduino and some external modules. I would like to have something functional in the next few weeks.
Andi watch
Kenneth Cox
Kenneth Cox vor 16 Stunden
Sounds like a fun project, but if you're going to be doing rides like this you should at least consider running a generator hub and lights, and there are devices commercially avaialable that provide 5V USB from the generator output. That way you  can power your GPS device from the generator while riding.
A GPS tracker for ultra-endurance cyclists
CalM_at_Work vor 18 Stunden
Please see one post below, we also did a smaller version of the clock ( smaller displays ) whichs results in also a smaller pcb. Best Regards Mathias Claußen
Bedroom clock with out side temperature based on ESP32
KrugmannR vor 2 Tagen
Thank you for your work, the PCBs look very nice, but I expect the 7-Segment PCB will be very expensive because of the size. So I preferred connectors. Regards, Rainer  
Bedroom clock with out side temperature based on ESP32