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TonGiesberts vor 6 Stunden
RF Power Meter (mother board) -bare PCB (160193-2)   RF Power Meter (RF front-end board) - module (160193-91)   or instead of the front-end module RF Power Meter (RF front-end board) - bare PCB   and all part as listed in the BOM in the article RF Power Meter For measurements up to 10 GHz Here the software needed for the Arduino Nano can be downloaded. You have to program the Arduino Nano yourself!  
RF Power Meter with seperate RF break-out-board [160193]
TonGiesberts vor 7 Stunden
The maximum input offset of a TL062CP is 15 mV. That's high and maybe the cause different builds of the bat detector using the same components show different sensitivity. This high offset makes the TL062 C not suitable for use as a comparator. The signal from IC3A has first to equalize the offset before tripping the output of IC3B, thus making it less sensitive when the hysteresis set with P2 is very small or 0. A contemporary low power/low bias current/low offset opamp would be preferable for IC3.  
Bat detector with amplitude recovery
Thomas Bunge
Thomas Bunge vor 19 Stunden
New forms and header files.
HV Power supply with tube and semiconductor curve tracer
Rainer Schuster
Rainer Schuster vor 21 Stunden
Hello Thomas, yes  - you can adjust the voltage with R17 (R5 for current calibration). And yes: It would be nice if you could send me your forms for the higher resolution display. Thanks in advance  
HV Power supply with tube and semiconductor curve tracer
HaSch vor 21 Stunden
Yes, I recompiled. But it has to work without recompiling because TRIG1 is one of the 2 you use for 2 US sensors.
Back ultrasound radar for bike: